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General Information - contractual terms.

About the apartments:
1. The apartments are located in the downtown of Budapest or very close to central places from which the tourist sights can be reached very easily either on foot or by public transportation.     
Qualities and equipment of apartments:
1. The apartments are officially rated according to their quality between 3 and 5 stars.  They consist mostly of 1 - 3 bedrooms, supporting facilities and other rooms which are capable of fitting 1- 10 persons.

2. Their facilities and equipment meets the highest demands.  The apartments are supplied with comfortable and modern furniture, fully equipped kitchen  with facilities, such as refrigerator, gas- or electric stove, microwave oven, dishwasher, full dishes, silverware.


Maintenance and cleaning of apartments:
1. The apartments are handed over to the guest at arrival clean, tidied, with clean bedclothes and other textiles. 

2. Cleaning and change of textiles are done at each change of guest or weekly in case of longer stays.

3. In a case of any faulty equipments or furniture ,  fittings and repairworks will be done  or replaced with short deadlines.  
1. Reservation is done via the Internet. By filling out the search box above in the right corner of the website (arrival and the departure date and the number of guests) so you will see all the available apartments for the requested period. If you would like to make a reservation, please click on the reservation button and fill out the reservation form. The advance fee (which is 10% of the total accommodation fee) shall be payed simultaneously with the reservation, but latest within 36 hours with credit card.
We need the following information: Your credit card type, exp. date of the card, credit card number and the CVC security number on the back side of the card. We can accept MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, VISA,VISA Electron, MAESTRO, MAESTRO UniCredit Bank cards. The details of the credit card can be send by email or by phone as a text message to our colleague Krisztina mobilephone number (00 36 30 830 6506), or by fax (+36-1-461-0903) or to the following e-mail address:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Apartrent Ltd. guarantees that in accordance with the laws it is going to withdraw only the amount given in the decalaration from the costumer.

2. Important! The reservation is valid from the the moment as you payed the advance and our colleague has confirmed it for you by e-mail.
If you are only staying in the apartment for 1 night, we will add an extra 25 % to the total amount.
The prices for 1 and 2 persons are the same.

3. The reservation may be cancelled in 72 hours after paying the deposit, in which case the deposit will be transferred back to you (the bank transfer expenses are on the guest).

4. Tourism tax is the 4% of the gross amount which should pe payed at arrival in cash or with credit card. 

Occupation of apartments  - leaving
1. The arrival date and time are indicated by the guest on the Registration Sheet or via email to our trustee. In case the actual arrival is different from the indicated date and time, the guest shall notify us on the telephone number given.
The apartments can be occupied between 13 and 22h of the reservation day.
Any change in arrival shall be noted and if you're more than half an hour late, and we can't get in touch with you  and as a result of this our staff has to show up twice, we'll need to  charge an extra  fee of 20 Euros.
If you don't plan to check-in in the time-frame provided (13.00-22.00), early / late check-in can be arranged for 20 Euros per occurrence. If you intend to check in earlier than 13:00 or later than 22:00   in the night, please le tus know in advance becuse it is not possible in any cases.
2. At arrival one of our colleagues will wait for you and will hand over the apartments keys as well as supply you with any necessary and practical information needed.
3. The remaining accommodation fee (90% of the total amount) is to be paid when receiving the keys. The balance is due in cash upon check-in. We accept EUR, HUF, USD and GBP. Our colleague will will give you an invoice at payment. You can also pay the remaining amount with credit card (please read Booking/reservation 1. for the details). You have to sign an authorisation and then we will take the amount off of the credit card with our postterminal.

4. The apartment is to be left on the last day of stay between 07.00-11.00 h and the keys shall be handed over to our colleague on the spot. If you don't plan to check-out in the time-frame provided, early / late check-out can be arranged for 20 Euros per occurrence if available.
Only in the case is allowed to stay in the apartment after 11:00, if there isn't any guest arriving on  the same day to the apartment.
5. On check out our colleague will take over the apartment. Should there be any damages in the equipment or in any facilities of the apartment due to dysfunctional usage, the guest on the spot, prior to leaving, shall refund the damage in cash.
The reservation can be made only following, understanding and accepting the terms in this information brief. 
After paying the deposit by the guest and receiving the  confirmation e-mail- written by our colleague- a contract will be set up between the guest and Apartrent Kft.

Other stipulations
APARTRENT Kft reserves the right to (and has the liability as well to) provide a similar apartment with the same qualities at the same price in case the apartment reserved by the client is not available for some reason or has been damaged in such a way, making it
impossible for the client to move in.  The guest shall be informed about the change within 6 hours before the arrival. In such a case if the guest  reject accepting other apartments offered the 10% advance will be paid back. No claims can be made against APARTRENT Kft in such instances.
Dear Guests! 
We try to do our best for you to enjoy your stay with us. Should you have other requests or require further information please contact our trustee . We will try our best to fulfill your requests or solve your problems.


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